Graduate Student Training

Graduate Education and the CMHD

Graduate students at the University of Connecticut who are interested in mental health disparities have an opportunity to get involved with the work of the CMHD. Although part of the Clinical Psychology division, there are opportunities for students from several departments, as the CMHD aims to be interdisciplinary.

Research Experience

Graduate students involved with the CMHD participate in ongoing research projects focused on cross-cultural psychology and mental health disparities. Students learn how to conduct research that makes appropriate use of sociocultural variables in the design, implementation, analysis, and reporting of results. All students have opportunities to present their work at scientific conferences and publish scientific findings. Graduate students also develop their own related research interests in collaboration with their mentor. Applying for fellowships and predoctoral grants is encouraged.

Developing Culturally-Competent Clinicians

The Psychological Services Clinic (PSC), which serves clients from both the community and the University, provides a major portion of practicum experiences for clinical psychology students in their first three years. The CMHD will be partnering with the PSC to serve a wide range of diverse clients, providing additional learning opportunities for students training to become mental health professionals. More about the clinical psychology graduate training program...

Coursework with a Broader Perspective

Several graduate courses at the university are taught by Dr. Williams, which ensures exceptional coverage of multicultural issues. Such courses have included clinical psychopathology, assessment and treatment of ethnoracial minorities, and advanced workshops in diversity, community, and clinical topics.

Teaching Experience

Graduate students may have appointments as teaching assistants for Dr. Williams, which is an excellent introduction to academic teaching, and some students in the CMHD have been TAs for Multicultural Psychology. Students are also given opportunities to provide guest lectures in related courses taught by CMHD faculty, including African American Psychology and/or Multicultural Psychology. Students also strengthen their presentation skills by presenting research at academic conferences.