About the Lab for Culture for Mental Health Disparities

About Our Center

Interdisciplinary Teamwork

The CMHD brings together researchers from across the University whose interests focus on improving mental health care for under-represented groups. In addition to the director, Dr. Monnica Williams, this includes additional collaborators from across the university and other institutions. The CMHD also trains UConn doctoral students, master’s students, doctoral students from other universities, and undergraduate research assistants.

Physical Space

The CMHD is located on the second floor of Bousfield Hall, which is above the main Departmental offices in the psychology building, where Dr. Williams has her faculty office on the first floor. The center includes two rooms, which are equipped with desks and file cabinets, which currently serve as an administrative office for graduate students and undergraduate research assistants. The space has been recently renovated, with new furniture.