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The Kentucky Senate Recognized the Center for Mental Health Disparities for services rendered to the Gentleman's Academy in 2013. Stay tuned as we analyze results for Summer of 2014! Learn more...

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Chapman, L.K., DeLapp, R., Richards, A. (to appear). Assessment of Phobia, Panic, & GAD with African Americans. In Guide to Psychological Assessment with African Americans, L. T. Benuto & B. D. Leany, eds., Springer.

Williams, M. T., Malcoun, E., Sawyer, B., Davis, D. M., Bahojb-Nouri, L. V., & Bruce, S. (2014). Cultural Adaptations of Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Treatment and Prevention of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in African Americans. Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 4(2), 102-124.

Chapman, L. K., DeLapp, R.C.T., Williams, M. T. (2013). Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Social Anxiety among Ethnic Minority Patients, Part 2: Bridging the Gap in Treatment, Directions in Psychiatry, 33(3), 163-176.

Williams, M. T., Tellawi, G., Wetterneck, C. T., Chapman, L. K. (2013). Recruitment of Ethnoracial Minorities for Mental Health Research. The Behavior Therapist, 36 (6), 151-156.

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