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Race-Based Trauma and Police Violence

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Race-Based Trauma and Police Violence

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Racism and Trauma

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The Heckler Report: 30 Years Later Exploring Minority Health in Kentucky

Panel Discussion September 1, 2015 featuring Dr. Monnica Williams

It’s been thirty years since the government published the first report to examine African American and minority health disparities in the United States, but how much has changed? Join us for a lively conversation, lead by a panel of experts in the Louisville community, on September 1st at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage. The panel will discuss the unique challenges still facing people of color in Kentucky and consider the effects of Kynect and Medicaid expansion, violence as a public health issue, mental health treatment, and how Kentucky measures up in providing quality care to minorities.

Panelists include: Dr. Stephanie Mayfield, Commissioner Department of Public Health; Dr. Wayne Tuckson, Colorectal Surgeon; Attica Scott; Robert Wood Johnson, Roadmaps to Health Community Coach; and Monnica Williams, Director Center for Mental Health Disparities. The panel will be moderated by Ja’Nel Johnson.

Reporter Ja'Nel johnson writes about what she learned from reporting on racial health disparities In Kentucky. Read more about it...

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The Daily Beast

April 27, 2015, Inside the Fear of Being Gay

An overlooked manifestation of OCD, sexual orientation obsession, plagues sufferers with a debilitating fear of being gay.

A new study from the Center for Mental Health Disparities differentiates the mental illness from homophobia.
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New York Times, Room for Debate

June 24, 2013 at 8 pm, by Dr. Monnica Williams

Exercising Demons Away Can Backfire

When does regular exercise like running go from beneficial and healthy to dangerously compulsive? Learn about how compulsive exercise is similar to the compulsions that occur in obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. The sufferer experiences a thought that causes unbearable anxiety (an obsession) that can only be relieved by some neutralizing act that brings about relief (a compulsion). Read more...

Saludify Online Magazine

June 6, 2013, an interview with Dr. Monnica Williams

The science behind Susto — a Latin American folk illness, by Hope Gillette

Susto is a Latino folk illness based on the popular belief an individual can lose their soul through a frightening experience, resulting in many mental and physical symptoms. This folk illness is not found among other cultures and is more of a belief rather than a malfunction of the brain. Susto literally means “fright” in Spanish, but the folk illness associated with the term is much more complex than just subsequent shock or anxiety after a scare has occurred. Read more...

HuffPost Live - Racism, PTSD Linked As Proposed Criteria Changes

May 29, 2013, an interview with Dr. Monnica Williams

There are several factors that are traditionally considered to bring about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But one potential cause is being considered as changes to the criteria have been proposed—racism. Read more...