Family Assessment

You get on my nerves!

We have often made the statement, “you get on my nerves” or referenced a “nervous breakdown” when frustrated by our family, friends, or co-workers.

Although this statement can imply a variety of things, it usually seems to imply “I was already struggling with my well-being and you just made it worse by your behavior!”

Support to cope with these types of feelings in families often comes from sources such as faith in God, elders in the community and family, internal resilience, local churches as well as close family friends.

The CMHD acts as an additional resource for families and entities which service these families by providing free family assessments and free community workshops, related to identifying and managing issues related to stress, depression, worry, anxiety, panic attacks, and Post–traumatic stress. CMHD is a culturally supportive and safe environment where families can be “real” concerning their family strengths and areas of need.

How does CMHD support adults in the family?

Managing individual and family responsibilities related to medical problems, limited finances, family functioning, unemployment and job stress can be overwhelming for adults in the family and can adversely impact well-being.

Your family may benefit from a free assessment (with free treatment feedback) provided by CMHD if any adult in the family experiences any of the following symptoms for over a month:

How does CMHD support children?

When parents are stressed and anxious, often their distress is felt by the children in the family as well. Expressing sadness or worry is healthy at times when there are sudden changes in the family or family status; however, it is important to seek clinical assistance if the sadness or worry continues without improvement. If your child seems to have lot of worries, becomes afraid of certain things, or says that he/she doesn’t want you to leave without them, it may be time to seek additional support for your child.

If you notice the following behaviors in your child, please contact us to set up a free assessment (with free treatment feedback)